Surah Yaseen with Custom Foil Cover 5pcs


Surah Yaseen with Custom Foil Cover 5pcs

Unit Price: R18.00


These beautifully customized and foiled accented Surah Yaseen's are the perfect favor for weddings and name-givings. Traditionally Surah Yaseen's are also distributed in remembrance of the deceased, as a token of charity in the hope that the reciter keeps the deceased in their prayers.


Size A6

Each Surah Yaseen contains the following Surahs & Dua's:

1. Surah Yaseen

2. Surah Al Mulk

3. Ayatul Kursi

4. Dua for the Deceased.


Written in Arabic with English Transliteration and Translation included.



Depends on the size of the order. Generally 5 working days.

The dispatch date will be confirmed once the order has been received.